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building for villages
Most Pembans live in villages, containing anywhere from a dozen houses to hundreds. The Pemba Foundation builds village infrastructure: schools, sanitation, water supplies.
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Public toilets built by the Pemba Foundation in the village of Maziwa Ngombe.

Many Pemba village houses have inadequate sanitation, or none at all. Running water – often a limited amount – may only be available from communal wells or from standpipes if piped water has reached the area. In the rainy season, cholera regularly hits some villages, affecting children particularly, some of whom die as a result. 
A Pemba village street during the rainy season. Floodwater may carry human waste.
The village of Maziwa Ngombe has a population of about 6,000 in about 1,500 houses, at least 1,000 of which have no running water or sanitation.  Streets often flood during the rainy season, and cholera outbreaks are common.  2015 was especially bad, and for a time the village school had to be used as a hospital. 

In cooperation with village leaders the Pemba Foundation designed 2 public toilet buildings, hired local workers and managed construction.  The Foundation also upgraded the water supply and installed a storage tank for a public toilet building built some years ago in Mjini Kiuyu village.

school building:

A recent law required all children to attend nursery school, but no government funding has been available for school construction. In 2017 the Member of Parliament for the Maziwa Ngombe area asked the Pemba Foundation if we would build a nursery school to serve the village and surrounding district. We designed and built a 5-classroom school, with offices and storage. At the same time we upgraded the nearby primary school: we brought in power, installing lighting and ceiling fans, and built water storage and a septic tank.

water supplies:

A project under way is bringing piped water to one of the small islands off the Pemba coast.
Pump test of new borehole.
Uvinje Island off Pemba's west coast has one village with about 700 people. There is no piped water, and no ground water. A government pipeline once brought water to Uvinje, but it dried up years ago because of increased demand upstream. The islanders now have to haul in cans of water every day by boat. The Pemba Foundation is bringing water back into Uvinje's pipeline by: drilling a new, dedicated borehole on Pemba's mainland; upgrading and renovating the pipeline; and building new tank storage near Uvinje village.